Monday, July 03, 2006


I share your outrage at this bill, but I can answer your question as to arguments for it.One argument for it is that it may lead to a lowering of interest rates and fees, as fewer credit card bills will remain unpaid. (No, there was no mandate of such a result).A second argument for this bill is that the Democrats have to show they are not merely "excusers of bad behavior" such as not paying bills. (No, this bill contained no exemptions for people bankrupt as a result of illness, disability, job loss or other factors beyond one's control.)This IS a terrible bill, with insult added to injury by Democrats trying to prove themselves "relevant" to big money contributors by supporting it too.If the Democrats are to become the majority party in the lifetime of any living person, we will have to prove ourselves "relevant" to our core constituency: ordinary people who need help from government. This is difficult to do when the most outrageous anti-consumer legislation is cloaked with a bi-partisan.

April 20, 2005



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