Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The Administration of George W. Bush is clearly the most Orwellian Presidency the United States ever had. Indeed, the scope of his surveillance exceeds in various respects the surveillance described in Orwell's classic 1984.Have we had enough yet? Have the Republicans had enough? Are they willing to take action to prevent having 2006 be the year of one of the greatest Democratic landslides in American history? This should be an extremely interesting general election campaign.

May 12, 2006



George Bush is not only not a believer in small government, but he is the creator of the biggest and most intrusive and least successful government America has ever had.If this was a European country, there would be a vote of no confidence in Parliament and new elections would be held. Since under our constitution we are likely stuck with Bush through January, 2009, Congress has a series of unappealing options on how to distance itself from his administration.While I would not rule out the possibility that he will be impeached and removed from office, I do not expect that to happen. What I do expect to happen would be a Democratic landslide in the 2006 Congressional elections and gubernatorial elections, and a Democratic President and Vice-President elected in 2008.Ideologies of all kinds are simplistic visions of how the world operates and should operate. Ideologies can produce insights of great value, but the imperatives they offer have to be leavened with common sense and respect for all people. Berthold Brecht's panning of communism--"let's dissolve the people and elect another people"--can also be applied to the Bush Administration's disdain for protecting individual privacy, keeping the national debt at reasonable levels, and reserving military missions for battles that are winnable and essential to our national interersts.

May 12, 2006



Reading the eloquent words of President Lincoln can only renew our consciousness of what Presidential greatness is. Hopefully, some day again we will have a man or woman of Lincoln's caliber in the White House.



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