Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I agree with you: this is not good news. An almost all black school district is still likely going to need some white educators to perform various functions (Philadelphia is a clear example of this), thus giving students exposure to white adults, but segregating the student body has long range consequences. It is one thing for school segregation to exist because of the demographics of a neighborhood, and something else for the state to redraw the lines to keep black kids and white kids and Latino kids apart.

At the end of the day it matterss far less who was in charge of a district at a specific place or a specific time than whether or not the students were prepared for 21st Century Multiracial America. This is a step backwards for such preparation, and an indictment of the limits of the vision of Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers, the man who came up with this idea and has an outstanding record as a progressive iconoclast on many other issues.



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